It is wondwerful to have Florence home

When I said I fondly remembered Rosie’s birthday celebrations , I didn’t know about the one involving , mayo, chicken-spot and a bucket of water – I’ll leave Stolly ( bakers of the most amazing giant pink fondant fancy ) to tell you that one.

Thanks to everyone who came round last night , we will enjoy drinking water over Christmas !

Today Grandma carried out her ‘Personal Exercise Programme’ , under the watchful eye of her Personal Trainer ( Jacob ) and Physio Assistant ( me ). All was going well , she had done the knee raisers , toe pointers,and leg flexors , when PT lost the plot – even he couldn’t bring himself to ask her to ”squeeze your buttocks together and lift your bottom of the bed”. By the volume I had to use to get her to understand the brief , I think the whole corridor was doing it .

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