It must be love

My words cannot do Georgina and Danny’s wedding justice .

It was all lovely , because they are lovely .

Rosie was with me the whole day . She gave me the strength to hold it in , and at times, let it out .She loved Georgina so very much .
Thank-you Georgina for talking about her and saying she would be the first one a) with her hands in the cake and b) up on the dance-floor – you are so right .
I loved her and yearned for her even a little bit more when you said that .

Thank you to Richard and Sarah for 2 wonderful days .
We loved big party and little party and now we are drying out !

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  1. Thank you so much all of you for coming. We had such a fantastic day thanks to everyone who made such an effort to be there. Rosie was with us all day – I think we did her proud xxxx

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