It must have taken Rafael Gomezbarros hours

Love him or loathe him , he picks some great art .

I fall into the ‘love him( but I’m embarrassed to add ) with concerns ‘ camp as he has been very good and generous to Ace Africa ,plus ,he took the time to come to ‘We Cluster and we Stick’ ..even though he had the flu .Shame he popped in during the the 4 hours ( out of 36 ) that I was out, taking Grandmama back to Brigstock Manor . Everyone says he was charming and interested ( esp in Florence’s piece ) and made some lovely comments .

Today I took myself off to The Saatchi Gallery to see ‘Pangaea:new art from Africa and Latin America ‘.Some rooms I skipped through ,others were just amazing – I LOVED the ants .The space and the shapes and the cast human skulls was amazing .On the top floor I did a double take as I stood in a whole room of Dwyers .On closer look ,there wasn’t a film, an illustration, a painting of a house , a Wickes receipt fact is was the work of another artist ,Sarah Dwyer .I’ve googled her ,no relation .

Off to the seaside tomorrow .

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