It rocked

”I’ve come home, I’ve done my time
Now I’ve come to know what job is and isn’t mine
If you received 16 texts telling you I’d soon be free Then you’ll know just what to do
If you still want me ( to teach you how to empty the portapotty ) If you still want me ( to teach you how to empty the portapotty )”

Sally -this ones sung to the tune of Tony Orlando’s ‘Tie a yellow Ribbon’.Another of your Sister’s favourites?

The 16 texts refer to the ones Adam received yesterday morning after my phone went crazy and then kaput .So I came home ,shot to T Mobile and treated myself to a new phone – £7.95- a bargain , it does nothing but make phone calls.

Dorset ( and the van ) were wonderful .We stayed at Eype House Campsite and our pitch overlooked the sea .We dined at the Hive Cafe ,Down House farm , BBQ’ d , played scrabble, draughts,doms, , watched the 200m mens final at the pub, had Fivelive on continuously and swam in the sea – it was all very lovely , esp having Claire , Bob and Dylan the dog ,with us for a couple of days.

After my family ,friends, students ,Uplands residents, camper van,Matt le Blanc in Episodes, my seventh love is the sea – so I’m going back again tomorrow .This time to Whitstable

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