It sits in the middle of the Neue Wache

‘Mother and Her Dead Son ‘

I have just listened to a programme about Kaethe Kollwitz’s sculpture and I was so moved ,then so cross, then so moved , I have sent my first personal tweet to the producer ,Lucy Lunt .

I was moved ,because they described all My Compassionate Friends and of course ,Me.
The sculpture shows the pain a mother feels when her child dies and it was observed to be powerful expression of the loneliness of grief, plus loads more other stuff I’m not really strong enough to type .

Then right in the middle of it ,Lucy talks about her reflections on her Mother’s death .Yes ,it is sad , but absolutely categorically ,no comparison .

Why do people always have to bring it back to themselves ?

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  1. Thank you for your blog about Kaethe Kollwitz’s sculpture, an incredibly moving programme.

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