It sounds like all I do is watch TV – selective stuff gives my brain a bit of respite

Lots of jumpy things

‘Liar’- whose lying ?

‘Rellik’ – couldn’t make head nor tale of it , given up

‘Black Lake’ – creeps me out .John’s given up ,but I’m persevering from behind a cushion

This months’ photos

Grandma’s Garden , our swing , best toy in the world , fixed metal poles .I loved it , Jane posed on it and Richard did daring things off it , which often involved me lying on the ground and him launching himself of it to land the other side of me .

Rosie, Joe , Leo and someone in a Drayton sweatshirt – where ,who knows ,but they’re loving it .

Rosie, Izzy P. on a coach in NYC perhaps ? Rosie holding her camera , she LOVED that camera .

Always happy , always joyous , always with me

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