it started with an all singing ,all dancing ‘Lets get the Party Started ‘ .The audience went wild

Camped it up for Christmas yesterday . After singing along to my to my Barry Manilow CD ( I defy anyone to say they can’t belt out ‘Even Now’ when it’s being played at top volume ), Emma and I went up to the most beautifully decorated area of London, Sloane Square ,to see The London Gay Men’s Chorus ‘ Christmas show ..’Make mine a snowball’. It was jaw droppingly fantastic- funny,happy ,sad ,dancey ,singey (NO BM though ) and for one set they harmonised 26 christmas number ones from the dreadful Bohemian Rhapsody to Feed the World to Bob the Builder etc etc – it was genius .The audience went wild ( and smelled beautiful ) and it ended with dropped-down songsheets on stage and everyone singing ‘Bring me Sunshine’. Feelgood factor -a perfect ten .Then after dins ,a bottle of fizz , it was home ,avoiding any contact with the media as we wanted it to be a surprise , for the final of ‘Strictly’. My predictions were right and John was happy as he got to see his Dougie and his bandana again .

I might be controversial here but I do think Tess ,Len and Alicia should go. Tess cos she’s wooden and wears horrible dresses , Len cos he’s so rude to Craig ( how many other people on TV would get away with snarling ‘Shut Up’ to their fellow panel member ? ) and Alicia cos she says nothing constructive, instead ‘ you’ve come a long way on your journey ( One of my all time hated phrases , some people have said it to me – it means NOTHING , they obviously have no realisation of what that person is going through ).

I think ..analysing ‘Strictly’ ,should have been no.11 on my Insania list. The jury’s still out on Brucie.

Chloe from Elthorne’s Mum came and spoke to me this morning .Chloe had had some Elthorne friends round night and they were talking and remembering Rosie. Although her telling me ,reduced me to deep deep tears , it warmed me .I always want her to be remembered.

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