It stays in it’s cardboard til Christmas morning

Every Christmas John gives me a beautiful present . A calendar of Rosie .

Every month , there are 1 or more photos of her – many I have moved to the safe part of my brain , as I can’t bear to look at them .When I first look at the calendar I turn each page over in trepidation . Even though I have seen the photos before , I am quite shocked and overwhelmed and a little bit more breaks of my heart . .Because I’m so moved , I look at it through spread fingers in order to protect myself .

But this year was different – I was rendered speechless , dumbfounded and mildly hysterical . Because there she was …on a horse / beside a horse/ patting a horse / getting medals for something she’s done on a horse , plus 8 other horse related poses. But after I’d put my fingers down and looked properly , I realised it wasn’t her but a 9year old girl looking rather like the lead in the musical ‘Annie’ .

Then I really was hysterical….especially to think , that somewhere in the world ,Annie’s family are probably looking at pictures of my Rosie !

Photobox had sent the wrong one

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