It was a humbug

Lots of stuff happened today which made me so so so so pine for Rosie-

1. Sorting through some mini-cab cards , I came across a tiny photo of Florence and Rosie .It was taken about 15 years ago , and they were stood outside a tent on a campsite in France .Florence was wearing a home made hat .I think Rosie had tried to make her enter a competition.

I held it together.

2. Driving my students in the mini-bus to Kew Gardens, the Kings of Leon , came on the radio.

I held it together.

3. Just as I was going into Waitrose ,I bumped into the lovely Leo. We chatted , all I could see was that image of Rosie with her hair draped over his and Helenka’s faces to make droopy moustaches.

I held it together.

4.At the chicken rotisserie counter I was served by Nicola. We talked about missing Rosie.

I lost it .

Postscript to No. 4- Nicola abandoned her counter came running after me , gave me a sweet, and we hugged in the aisle for a good 5 minutes.

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