It was just off The Ramblas

Joe, God how I love that photo. It is so hard to look at as Rosie is staring right at you. It was taken in ‘Toller de Tapas’ restaurant in Barcelona at about 10pm on Saturday July 26 2008. I remember we were so so happy to be there- with our first San Miguel / Sangria in hand. That day Jacob had finnished work at Waitrose at 1.30pm . The cab came to our place at 2.30 ,we flew at 5 , got to Barcelona at 8, shot off to the Hotel Penninsula, which was an atmospheric ( ie. cheap) old monastry and then navigated our way to the tapas bar we had booked. After dins we rambled down The Ramblas, and then Jacob and Rosie went and found The Mojito Bar.Until we picked up the hire car , oh and the incident when john and i went to the wrong meeting place and so gave up and went for lunch , while the 3 amigos stood for an hour in the blistering heat- the entire 3 days were hot and bliss.

Its funny this weather thing , I love the sunshine and being outside , but somehow it seems to make my grief worse. The missing Rosie is worse , the laughter doesn’t come easy , everyone else seems happier and the expectation is that we should be ,and its all wrong , she should be here with us.

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  1. I love Barcelona, and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest Rosie loved it too, sunny and vibrant, sums her up perfectly. What we would all give to have mojiitos with her again… xx

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