It wasn’t really Debbie, it was Sarah

Our house has gone quiet again – no more slipping on bits of potato, no more Jacob saying obscene words in Danish to wind 3 little people up, no more snowball fights and frisbee throwing . It was lovely to have the five Thomsen-Browns staying with us for Christmas . I don’t have to tell you that Rosie was with us too – she is part of us , our souls and our hearts. we miss and long for her so much.

It was the Clarke’s quiz yesterday and Richard and his glamorous assistant ,Debbie, did an amazing job. It was made extra special , as our team won ( I think we came last in 2009 ) . Our triumph was ”the name the country of origin of the food/drink tasting’ round” . We got right – the cheese from Wales, shortbread from Scotland, beer from Belgium, chocolate from France, but failed with wine from The Lebanon ( we said Israel – so close ) and some disgusting root beer type drink from Australia – made worse by the fact we has Sarah’s Australian cousin ,Liz, on our team. All this, plus sausage and onion butties and champagne, lovely.

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