It’s all a bit too sad at times

I know I’ve gone quiet about Grandma’s funeral , but it is on Monday . I realise now what a bubble I was in before Rosie’s , because there is so much to do and yet I can remember very little about the time between 21.12.08 and 6.1.09. It is amazing to think what shock can do to your mind and body . So although I have lists on my lists , have trouble getting to sleep ( all those self-help books -don’t …if you see what I mean ), think about Rosie ,Jane and Grandma constantly ,I am back to trying to protect myself by doing nice stuff and having some time each day in beautiful places – I’ve had lunch in The Crypt at St Martins in the Fields , walked in Kew and Richmond park , and today I’m meeting Bev for lunch .A big thank you to the friends who have suggested stuff.

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  1. Rachel, don’t push yourself too hard my love .You are right you must protect yourself . Have you tried deep breathing ?

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