It’s exactly as Rosie wrote it

On the fifth anniversary of Rosie’s funeral ,here is one of her entries on ‘Myspace ‘ ( I think it was the thing ,before Facebook kicked off ) we considered putting in the order-of service ,but there wasn’t enough space for it. So we went with her story about the students.
I Love it –
it is so her .:-


Monday,August 28, 2006

a little bit about Reading

Heres some stuff that I will remember fondly :

Mystery jets .i lost my phone but i didn’t really care.Amazing

‘WE ARE AN ANGRY MOB’ as about 300 of us paraded down the gangways

lethal bizzle!

The rave on the trampoline

the fruit game ‘ chhhhhaaarlie” responded with ” vhat!” then the much successful fruit hunt

tom and annas rap breakdown

How always we seemed to somehow end up in pussy parlour at some stage or the night ( or morning wayhayhay )

when the kaiser chiefs did ” everyday i love you less or less”

when hot chip did over and over

when arctic monkeys did thier thang

the quest to find dickie from big brother

morning brews

insightful convos which involve a confidence building ‘ youuu raise me uuuup”

hahaha when i opened the drop loo door and some poor person was exposed to everyone- i thought it was free .those things were annoying

be your own pet !

the hug record

oh and sleeping in the main stage

and more but you get the gist good times were had “

4 Replies to “It’s exactly as Rosie wrote it”

  1. Yes it is so very Rosie .
    I remember video taping the hi-lights form the festivals that Jacob,Rosie and Florence went to .
    Rosie and I sat down and watched a couple of them and the 2 songs that we both loved the best were Hot Chip’s ‘I Was a Boy from School ” and Primal Scream’s ‘Country girl.
    Til the day i die, I shall always think of her when I hear those songs .

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