It’s gone even quieter

In September 2015 Florence’s friend Miao Miao moved in with us .

She had just finished her 3 year degree course at GSA and was coming down to London to do her masters in animation at The Royal College of Art .When she moved in ,I thought it was just a temporary stay while she looked for somewhere else ( more studenty ,fun , hip and happening etc etc ) , but for whatever reasons ( not of the hip and happening variety ), she ended up staying …and yesterday she moved out ………….and I know it sounds very silly ,but I quite miss her . Miao is an absolutely lovely person .I have never seen her grumpy or in a bad mood . She worked like a Trojan and was interested in everything , even the dross I talked about . She ran ,swam, played badminton ,walked, explored ,made art ,talked art ,brought home Malaysian dumplings and cooked the most unusual cake I’ve ever had in my life .

I wish her well in everything she does .

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