It’s great when it works

Today was going quite well. it was one of my lovely students 18th Birthday , so this afternoon I jigged around to Black Eyed Peas , Justin Bieber, Beyonce etc, helped her cut the cake , led the singing to Olde Stevie Wonder, and felt blessed with my job ( no paperwork involved in 18th Birthday parties ). Then I came home and my new shopping buddy, Amazon ,had dropped a little treat on my mat . It was the soundtrack to the fab fab fab film ‘Once’ .I would have ordered it years ago , but I couldn’t remember it’s title and I can’t bear to read my diaries from before Rosie died.( so thank you to Claire , who remembered it for me ). Then Andy J. popped in for a cuppa, then Michael popped in for a drink, then we had supper , then I sat down to watch last nights Glee, and everyone had gone green and had lost their voice….’Sky’ is playing up. I was so looking forward to a dose of Sue Sylvester, whatever her colour

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