It’s hard being sad

Mind that bloody gap , as my counsellor says ,but without the bloody .

I fell down it twice yesterday .

Went to town to meet some friends for supper ,popped into John Lewis to buy some vacuum cleaner bags , and walked straight in the entrance by the Clinque counter and I saw the chair, Rosie sat in (and I think) ,the Chinese beautician who gave Rosie a makeover ,back in September 2008 .I froze and wept ( silently of course ) and felt so overwhelmingly sad and lonely .

So I went for coffee , got out my G2 ,did the crossword and read the paper to calm my self down .But on page 5, I fell down ,not a gap ,but a bloody great chasm ,when I read Suzanne Moore’s ‘ Having almost lost my daughter to Meningitis,I find this haggling over the price of a vaccine unbearable’

Absolutely heartbreaking

Read if you can

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