It’s hard to bounce back after that

Selco’s cancelled ,so more walking and more theatre . Tonight its ‘Fascinating Aida’ ( watch ‘Cheap Flights’ on youtube and you’re know who they are ). Yesterday it was ‘BOING’ at Sadler’s Wells. Average age of the audience was 6 and I think Flo and I were the only ones without any kids , but we loved it .Then in the evening it was ‘Conjuring at The Court’ ,ab fab and sadly and rather worryingly , I’m getting a real liking for ventriloquists.

Talking of which I am NOT a sock puppet ( only found what one was yesterday ).They are people who do stuff ,like write a blog, on tinternet,but pretend to be someone else .I promise you I am not Amina Arraf, a Syrian lesbian blogger , who turned out to be a 40 year old male student from The University of Edinburgh! Feel free to test me. How many times did I see Godspell ? Where did I put my school dinners when I couldn’t eat them ( I know shocking- but we weren’t allowed to leave any food on our plates ) ??I will have the answers

Anyone listening to Radio 2 at 11am ? I was innocently putting away my big Sains shop ,when Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Girls in their Summer Clothes ‘ came on. It was like I’d been punched and I felt grief as in that first hour .

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