It’s in a warehouse in Paddington

Feeling a bit flat ? Then go and see a film about a man who near dam kills himself .That’s what John and I did on Thursday night .We went and saw ‘Rush’ ,the movie ( not the mat ) .For someone who knows nothing about Formula One , but remembers the era ,it was a good film . John stayed awake and I heard every word ,plus loved the music and the tension , so for us ,it was a job well done .
Then last night we were invited out to pastures new ,New Maldon – a bloody bugger to get to on public transport , so I drove there ,we tossed the coin to see who was going to drive back ,and I won ( then felt very guilty – for all of about 3minutes) .
Today I’m off to see ‘A Drowned Man’ – not literally .It’s a 3 hour promenade performance where we all wear masks ( and hopefully clothes ) .I’ll probably get separated from my friend and won’t understand a thing , and won’t be able to tell the actors from the punters , but I like stuff where no-one has a clue as to what is going on .

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