”Its not about the bike”

Thank you for comments (4 ) – all your words were lovely.

John and I exceeded our self governed curfew of 00.10 last night and got in at 02.10 after a lovely a ‘not the new years eve dinner party’. No-one looked at the clock, no one kissed , sang auld lang syne( sp. ? ) or showed off what they had under their kilt ( although John tried a couple of times ). we just ate , drank, talked about Rosie, laughed, played ‘Absolute balderdash- with spinner’ and felt very loved and protected with Mandy and Chris.

Florence , on the other hand , got in at 5.30 and Jacob when we skyped him at 11am ( 1pm in istanbul ) hadn’t been to bed at all , and had partied with his pals including kate and liam who had cycled there fom Vienna ( actually that last bits a lie, BUT they did cycle from The UK to Vienna – honest ).

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