It’s not on for much longer

I’m keeping busy .School holidays are good ,but there is a lot of time to fill when you are a person who can’t let their head be empty . I still get up at 6.30 and from then on it’s go,go,go .Stop,stop,stop just doesn’t seem to suit me .

I reckon this has been art week . The folky stuff ,followed by the garden stuff ,followed by the portraits .

Let me explain ….On Tuesday ,Dec and I got the wonderful single gauge Romney,Hythe and Dymchurch Railway to Dungeness and walked along the windswept paths to Derek Jarman’s ( house and ) garden . Dungeness is a weird place – a huge beach ,where swimming is banned due to the strong undercurrents, a nuclear power station ,a few artists studios ,a lighthouse ,a wonderful railway and Kites . A great day out.

Then today I have been up to Bermondsey to get a picture framed .The last time I went to Bermondsey was in 2003 ,when Rosie ,Izzy P. and I went to the newly opened Fashion and Textile Museum .Blimey the area has changed-it’s all galleries and be-spoke furniture designers and artisan coffee shops .I had my frappawappapadthaiflatwhite in a Thai cafe called ‘Fuckoffee’, sorted my picture , walked over the beautiful Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s and hopped on the No.15 Routemaster bus ( sitting top deck, backseat – a mini trip down memory lane ) to Trafalgar Square . After admiring Charlotte Higgins Big Blue Cock , I went into the NPG to see our friend, John Murphy Woolford’s self-portrait in the BP Portrait Award 2014 exhibition . There wasn’t a naff entry between them .

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  1. You’re right. Dungeness is a weird place and some of the art work is whacky, but Derek Jarman’s house and garden are just perfect in that setting. I would go back again.

  2. Yes ,I’ve been twice and love it .
    Declan and I had the conversation ”If you were plonked here and didn’t know where you were ,where would you think you were ?”
    He said The Falklands and I said deep in mid- west America

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