It’s not only Derren whose a cynic

Now you see them – now you don’t. Anyone would think Bert advised me that uploading photos onto the blog ,would take up too much memory space , but no, I’m doing my own little medical research into the ‘Bronnikov method’….and you have just taken part in it . So if this psychic method ( i.e. : barking mad ) has worked and you’ve held your imaginary balls (of air) in your hands and passed them onto someone else’s shoulders , you are now able to see without using your eyes. And to think this conman is coming to England- I think I’d rather watch The World Cup.

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  1. craziest blog entry of all time. Canni make head nor tail of what you written. Also mum- you WILL be watching the world cup- cos you’ll have no other choice. LOL

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