It’s not quite ‘The Bridge’ , but I love the Amsterdam architechture

Have you ever had a home-made Walnut Whip ?

No ,nor have I but I’ve seen a photo of a tray of them , on Florence’s phone – made by her own fair hands , and now I could kill for one .

Florence and Jacob jetted/chugged in yesterday for a weekend on Adam’s farm and now they’ve zoomed out again ( with Izzy and to be joined later by more of Rosie’s friends ) for a Swallows and Amazons type Norfolk jolly .So the house has gone quiet …and when the house goes quiet ,so do I and in solace I reach for the chocolate and a cookbook and the Scrabble board, and get the neighbours in .

If this is beginning to sound like episode 3 of the Dutch series ‘The Swingers’ ,you couldn’t be further from the truth .I’ve never seen them play Scrabble.

3 Replies to “It’s not quite ‘The Bridge’ , but I love the Amsterdam architechture”

  1. can you instagram a pic of the walnut whips ? I used to love them , especially the ones with coffee in the middle . M&S do their own version , but they were so bad compared to the original

  2. A bit like all things techy ,I don’t do it – Instagram that is .
    I think I am the only person in the Western hemisphere who uses a camera- I love my camera

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