It’s on my top ten of lovely places to have brunch

Two fatted calves are killed tonight .

I await the arrival of John ,after the longest and hilliest leg of his Tour de Normandie- Liseux to Dieppe via Trouville-la-Haule,Yvetot and Gueres Marie .As I tippy-type they should be on the ferry to Newhaven .He should get home around midnight ,which gives him time to put the bins out .

I also await the arrival of Jacob , who has jetted or megabussed in to meet up with a friend who is helping with techy film stuff . He is second reserve for the bins .

So until they come busting in ,I will dine with our two students from Reunion Island- yes I had to get the atlas out too. ( third reserve ?).

So while everyone was doing ,cycling,filming,sightseeing stuff ,I climbed to the 32nd floor of The Shard to have brunch in Aqua .It was a fantastic treat .God knows why ,but we were given the best table in the restaurant ,in the corner overlooking Tower bridge ,The Gherkin,The River,Crystal Palace Radio Mast my friend’s house in New-Cross etc etc. It was wonderful , the food, the classy cocks ( at 11am -Rosie would have been proud ) , the service, the view ,the atmosphere. I loved it .I’d like to take everyone there .

Then we came down to earth ,strolled along to the Tate Modern and saw ‘Henri Matisse the Cut-outs’.Loved those too , especially the designs he did for the Dominican Chapel of the Rosary in Vence .It really was a beautiful and inspiring exhibition…and not unbearably busy.

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  1. Got it wrong ,forgot about the bank-holiday, they go out tonight ,so while I washed John’s lycra , he put the bins out ( I hate that job )

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