Its so dammed hot

Just returned from a visit to St Ann’s, the school where I work. To be honest I was dreading it, there is a huge staff and I cannot bear ‘bumping into’ people. But i met the lovely Maureen outside , she held my hand and took me in .My team had laid on afternoon tea in the artroom. So I had a lovely couple of hours with Mo,Maureen, Rita, Janice , Steve , and Catherine. They had loads of stories to tell and made me feel more relaxed and confident about going back. I really do take my hat off to John , Jacob and Florence for going back to a new job / uni/ school. Hopefully none of you reading this will ever know the pain, loss , sadness we feel, so to face people, challenges, work etc , when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and hide , is a big call.

Nikki- do you think we can recruit anymore ‘Coach Trip’ fans ? I have no favourites at the mo – all rather dreary , except of course Brendan ( esp. when wearing his trunks). And as for that Ann who looked as puritanical as they come , and then ended up having a good root round under that naked young guys towel , I was shocked. i hope you wouldn’t have stooped so low, should you have got on the prog !?

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