I’ve answered my own question

Are you single and looking for love?
Have you got a sense of adventure?
Do you fancy hopping aboard a free luxury cruise around the Mediterranean this year?

Optomen is making a new series for Channel 4 with Brendan Sheerin and we are looking for people to come away on holiday with us. This show is all about meeting great people, having fun in the sun and most importantly finding love on your holidays. We are on a nationwide hunt for single men and women of all ages.

We are looking for confident, genuine people from all walks of life and all ages. If you are open, outgoing and want to try something new this year, then apply now as we are setting sail in October!

Whether you are young, old, rich or poor – Brendan’s Love Boat is going to take you on a holiday of a lifetime – no expense spared.

If you are interested please email loveboat@optomen.com or call the casting team on 0207 482 8639

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