I’ve been painted my egg this morning

He’s home , my boy-wonder ( a Batman phrase not me typing a creepy one ) has returned from another adventure .This time it was New Orleans,Texas,Mexico,Jamaica,Cuba and Panama . It is so lovely to have him back . On Saturday morning ,as John debated whether to go and see our boys cycle up Box Hill ( in retrospect ,it would have been quite a disappointment ), Florence and I shot off to terminal one ,Heathrow Airport .We bought our papers, watched important looking sporty people in Olympic tracksuits, give interviews and bedded in to wait at Costa Coffee. I know , you are shocked ,Florence in Costa , standards are slipping BUT , in her defence a) it is a franchise b) there wasn’t anywhere else c) we were both gagging for a cuppa . Anyway at about 9.25 , we spotted Jacob , and in true ‘T-mobile’ fashion , I ran up to him ,hugging him and crying . Jacob and Florence had expected this behaviour , so were prepared for a high level of internalised embarrassment .I on the other hand, couldn’t give a dam .It was lovely to have him home,albeit for a short while .

So once again , the fatted calf has been slaughtered, the table tennis table got out , the 4 amigos are together , plus our 2 lovely houseguests- Geraldine and Cornelius from Dubai , the playing cards resurrected. Last night we played ‘contract ‘and bloody boy wonder won ( six quid in the pot ) – not so popular now

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  1. PS. forgot to mention – Jeremy Deller: Sacrilege- on tomo at Ravenscout Park. Florence went and bounced on it in Glasgow – looks fab , would have loved to have taken my students.

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