I’ve had a golden week

London is a fantastic city isn’t it ? I love it .

I also love nature and the sea and the countryside but this week , thanks to some very generous , kind and creative friends ,has been a huge pile of all good and different stuff in this city .

I’ve see Richard C. and John whizz around the Olympic Velodrome .

I’ve met up with Rosie’s friends and been to Frank’s rooftop bar on top of a multi-storey car-park in Peckham where we ate , drank , saw the most amazing sunset behind the backdrop of the iconic london skyline and were the only table to be given a tray full of vodka on the rocks with sugar-free Red Bull ( it was only the next day i thought ,why didn’t we park the RB and buy some OJ instead )

I’ve seen Grayson Perry’s ‘The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever !’ ( his words not mine ) .Amazing .

Then last night we celebrated Declan’s birthday by seeing Jesus crucified in Regents Park Open Air Theatre ! I think it was one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen .Thank you Neal .


I’ve seen a new shrink

And in fear of sounding smug , tomorrow night we are going to The World Athletics

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