I,ve lost the plot

Jacob , who the hell is Mario ?

Does Sarah B , competition setter , have any idea? This is surreal.

2 Replies to “I,ve lost the plot”

  1. I think the only thig to do is list everyone who played the name game at yours Christmas 2007. One of the answers will be right and Sarah B can reveal all. (as it were). So I’m starting with the most likely candidate as Joan.

    PS loving the wild, fallen apostrophe Rach

  2. And we have a winner!!!! Sarah C (it’s like beeing back in school) is absolutely right, Joan wearing a bandana (courtesy of AF) nodded off during the name game and woke up suddenly shouting LUIGI….10 minutes too late 😀
    The prize of something weird and Danish will arrive in July (and I don’t mean us)
    P.S. Have no idea who Mario is, maybe it’s Joan’s artist name 🙂

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