I’ve made Louey cut my hair differently

I’ve only just felt calm enough to put this down on paper …..

but a few weeks ago ,I was doing my daily ‘post-work- Sainsbury’s-top-up-shop’, and as usual I got chatting to one of the lovely people on the check-out .

Because I’m in there so often ,I know them all and we normally discuss what we’re having for supper/ crap TV ? how long left in their shift etc . This time Nishi says to be ….”I’ve been meaning to tell you for sometime- you remind me of someone” ……..I get a bit puffed up , and am thinking Mama Cass / Bella Emberg/ Beyonce etc , when she proudly and loudly says …”My hero- Theresa May”. At which point I burst into tears ,went and got a bottle of gin and told her we’d agree to differ on politics

My same lovely Sainsbury’s check-out lady said to me last night ‘are you an artist or just really bad at doing your nails ?’ Made me laarf.

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  1. What??? Really??? Because I have never seen you in a pair of shoes like Theresa May’s ….
    I shall have to take a good look at her!

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