I’ve never seen lighting like it in a show

I’m no Uncle Bobby ( Auntie Grace’s husband , who was a theatre critic ) , but I know what I like.

Last night we went to the Meunier to see ‘Pippin’ and John and I loved it …it was pure unadulterated ,over-the-top,camp,futuristic,dancey ,kitsch,weird ,singey ( an audience likes nothing more than singing along to the words projected on the backdrop -think Dominic Grey at Waterman’s ),happy,sad, in your face …and vaguely moral .It hasn’t been reviewed yet .Mark my words ,the critics will loathe it .

Our lovely ex lodger Chelsea, from NYC, is in the country and so is coming to dins tonight .I’ve gone traditional , roast beef, Yorkshires and all the trimmings , followed by a good old trifle ,with sherry substituted by rum ( although it was a toss up with the Disaronno ).

Changing the subject- don’t you just love Dougie ?We got in last night and watched the final of ‘I’m a celeb’ .I’m missing Ant and Dec already .

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  1. Was curious to know more about Pippin. Googled it and wikipedia has a fascinating entry all about it…….the 31st longest running show on Broadway! I know what you mean about Ant and Dec…….one of the few acts on tv I laugh out loud at. xx

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