Izzy , you MUST do it -it would make Rosie laugh .x

Izzy , I don’t think it matters if you sign up – how on earth can they police it .Do you have the luxury of owning a bike – or are you going to improvise like us ( like when I was a student and we couldn’t afford a Christmas Tree , so we decorated the clothes airer ) ?

2 Replies to “Izzy , you MUST do it -it would make Rosie laugh .x”

  1. ok cool yeah im definately gonna do it. ha i cannot imagine how you can improvise a bike! i don’t own a bike but i think i might just borrow my brothers. i heard boris might be doing it aswell..xx

  2. Perhaps Boris has a tandem – ?
    I was going to write ”’perhaps i could ride Boris, everyone else has” , but I thought it too rude.

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