Adam, I watched the one where Rachel left GLEE to be sally bowles somewhere else.So the drama teacher got an alcoholic,sassy ex student in to take the lead.Am I making any sense ? What is 4od?

Jst discovered mildew on my ciabatta ,so had to shoot up to sains, crucial cos I’m doing the starter a la Kay and Winstons while John relaxes in front of the rugby a la Richard’s settee. Mind you i did come away with a £5 sainsburies voucher- I bet john won’t.

Had one of those heartstopping, ,paralysing moments of overoverwhelming pain this morning. I was being happily distracted By Jonathan Ross, when he mentioned his wife had been ill and she was worried her infection might spread to septicaemia. he then played a Johnney cash track . How Rosie loved Johnney cash- esp ”When the man comes around” and ”Hurt”. God, I want her so bad.

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  1. I’ve not seen that one! 4od is Channel “4 on demand” basically all channel 4 / e4 programmes are available to watch online after they have been shown on tv, youtube but with tv programmes – have you used bbc iplayer? its same as that!

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