Jacob missed out on a real treat

Lovely photos Darren, thanks.
The first one was taken 10 years ago this summer when we went to Sri Lanka. We were on an overland bus and it stopped at this fruit stall .Rosie loved fruit , she posed and we called her ‘Fruit Girl’ for the holiday. Tame ,but nice .
Mind you I called jacob a whole load of other names when we came back …
He chose not to come away with us , instead he stayed at home ,enjoyed the sunshine and evidently entertained at home .

The four of us arrived back glowing ,happy and full of holiday stories . Jacob hadn’t done too bad a job of clearing up the house ,but it had been hot in London and he’d forgotten to put the bins out the previous Monday ,so with the pleasantries over, washing machine-on ,Rosie and Florence fighting over Facebook ,I lifted up the bulging black bin-bag ( to put out in the front garden ) , and to my delight ,the bottom fell out of it and a ton of maggots and rotting meat cascaded onto my feet . I strongly expressed my displeasure to Jacob ,to which he replied ” I see you’ve come back from your holiday in a foul mood”. How I loved him that night .

In the second photo Rosie is in our naff, horrible ,corner bath ,which all the kids loved and which I nearly broke my neck on everytime I got out of it as it had a huge fish handle which I nearly always managed to get my foot caught on .

The third one is in Cescenatico with the lovely Laura.

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  1. Oh my gosh I remember Rosie telling me about the maggots!!! (and about how angry you were!) How strange, it doesn’t sound like the kind of story that would stick in my mind for a whole decade, and somehow…

    Also, as a side note, the picture of me and Rosie was actually taken at Valencia airport on the way to Benicassim (the first time we went) – it was boiling hot and we were made to wait for a bus for aaaaages on the scorching hot pavement!

    L x

  2. Didn’t you fly to Spain via Italy ?
    I remember when Rosie booked it , she was so pleased with the price – it didn’t matter it took about 6 hours .

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