Jacob’s big day

Jacob’ll probably be cringing when he reads this , but I am so proud. To do so well, through such sad times ,and yet retain his kindness, humour ( occasional bad temper- he’s no saint ) and love of life is amazing.

Yesterday was very special.We had a lovely walk to The waterfall in Jesmond Dene Park, panini’s and cake in a retro-cafe ( ie mismatched plates like my mum used to have ), the picking-up of the gown and having a good laugh at everyone else ( funny how you soon get used to it ), photos, the ceremony ( no-one fell off their heels, but one girl forgot to shake hands with The Dean and shot off the stage ), more photos, champagne tea in The Hatton Gallery, group photos, official photos,jumping photos, then the gown went back and we hit the doubles ( rum not tennis).

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