Jamie Oliver advocates ketchup with it

Dwyer Towers is happy and vibrant this week. Jacob, Sarah,Kristian,Thor ,Frig and Gro are all here . The beers are being opened as Sarah creates a fishpie ,while les enfants torture my tadpoles in the garden – how many times do you think they can survive being fished out , poked and then put in John’s cement mixing bucket ? ( the tadpoles not the children ). I’m guessing Grandmama is also very happy having seen her Great grandchildren and family and dining on M&S butties a la jardin du brigstock..

This time 22 years ago I know exactly what I had for dinner – yeuchy quiche and salad. I went to Queen Charlottes hosp as my baby was 12days overdue…so they said i had to stay in overnight to be induced the next day ( I thought they said introduced , and told them firmly , this was neither the time nor the place to sign me up for a dating agency ). I dutifully ate the quiche , John left the hosp , so alone and fed up ( in those days I was adicted to Coronation street – now it’s on too often )I went to the bathroom and promptly threw up at which point my waters broke-not a pretty sight ( or smell ).

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