Jane Rosemary Brown

On her birthday we buy Rosie a Jo Malone candle .Once it is gone she gets a Sainsbury’s one .

Today it is lit for Jane and Rosie . I cannot believe it is 11years and 364 days since I said my last ever words to Jane . Sadly, she was dealt a bum hand .

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  1. But she made more of her life than many who are dealt a perfect hand. She was truly one of nicest people I have ever known. Funny, entertaining, interesting and above all….interested. I miss her.

  2. So do I … and she was the only person I’d trust enough to order for me off a menu ! We could read each other like books

  3. So true Declan. her approach to life taught me a think or two – and a whole lot of others too. A real gem, that Jane and I, too, miss her xxx

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