J&J had about 7 photos each

I think I have an admirer or possibly , a stalker. I have just spent the last half an hour , in hysterics, looking at all the official ( and dam expensive, if you order them ) photos of Sunday’s 10 K. Of course , after looking at all The Dwyer ones ,I looked at everyone else’s whose surname I could remember. Interestingly, some of the slower runners- Izzy, Anna, Gill ,Nikki, only have 3 photos, but me, with my metaphorical running hat on ,has a record 48 photos . Even my fellow finely tuned co-runners ,Mandy and Kay , only have 29 and 13 photos respectively. I reckon I was being scouted for the 2012 Olympics.

Bob , there are NO photos of you – did you strip off again this year ?

Also ,from Sunday , I have some lovely bowls lurking by my bread bin – so let me know if one of them is yours and I’ll stop soaking my feet in it

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  1. Yeah I looked at a few peoples! Just looked at yours, there are LOADS! Impressive stuff. Have a look at Helenka’s (surname Paluch-Machnik) she’s got some really nice ones, with the houses of parliament behind her. Was lovely to have so many people together remembering Rosie xx

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