John B. Keane’s Bar

Yesterday was one of those lovely days ,where you sit around the table with friends ,eating, drinking,talking ,laughing and crying ( me).

At one point we were all extolling the virtues of Lidl and Aldi – even though john and I could only partially join in as we have no Aldi near us – unlike Lidl- I pass two on the way home from work and now our house is full of Cien products .

Anyway ,Mary introduced us to this song …it is so dam true .I defy anyone to go in one of their stores and not come out with a monkey wrench/ fisherman’s stool/ artist’s canvas .

This song is all the more poignant as it is sung in a bar in Listowel ,County Kerry – the town John’s Mum is from !

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  1. I feel some ‘ownership’ of that bar…..after all the money my father passed over it! ( John B was Barry’s godfather….you can imagine the drunken night when that was decided!) xx

  2. Oh my goodness. Have you been there ? Funnily enough John says he has been there too , but I’ll let him tell you,in what circumstances !

  3. Hazel ,I watched it and it is brilliant .I didn’t know where it was going ( excuse the pun ), but when the reply came back -it was classic .Thank-you

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