John gets to answer too

I like a bit of arty-farty – haven’t really got a clue as to what is going on, but that man’s ribcage shouldn’t be behind his triceps – circus , so Thursday night’s ‘She Would Walk The Sky ‘ at The Roundhouse was good.

I love an Irish man who can sing ballads and about stuff that matters , so Christy Moore last night at The Royal Festival Hall was amazing .

And I love a game now in preparation for tonight’s big ‘Mr and Mrs’ return challenge ,I am doing a bit of swotting , but have got stuck with

‘Besides yourself, who was the last person to see your partner naked?’ ,

‘Which food is guaranteed to make your partner feel ill?’ ,

and finally

‘If your partner appeared on Mastermind, what would be their specialised subject?’

I was OK with ‘ How would you rate your partner’s dancing? …poor….average….very good….embarrassing’

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