Jonny Benjamin is his name

I do write a load of old b*****Ks sometimes .
Yesterday i wrote ‘ Nothing can be worse than what I’ve through ‘ .Who do i think I am ?
Of course other people can suffer worse stuff , think of Nim or the people who have lost whole families in Nepal, Syria or Sierre Leone or trying to escape a war-torn country -the list is endless .
There is no league table of sadness or guilt and i know through all the compassionate friends I have met since Rosie died -it is just wrong and at times unbearable .
But through talking to parents whose children took their own lives I have leaned a lot about mental health issues and with the faces of their children and their stories in my head I watched the brilliant documentary ‘The Stranger on the Bridge’ .
I urge you to watch it before casting your vote on Thursday – perhaps then you will not put your cross next to the person who wants to make further cuts in our mental health provision.

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  1. Yes – I agree – it was brilliant. Such insight into mental health problems. I’m hoping everyone will have a better understanding of what people go through.

  2. I agree .
    I kept thinking of the parents of young people who had taken their lives and I bet they wished there had been a Neil Laybourn close by at that moment in time

  3. Yes, indeed, Rachel. It’s so important for everybody close to those with mental illness – and others like Neil – to not give up on them and recognise how important even small signs of support are. Sometimes people just need others not to give up on them when they’ve given up on themselves.

    I’ve tried to access the doco but can’t get it from here so will keep fingers crossed one of the local media outlets purchases it at some time.

  4. PS. For what it’s worth, in my mind nothing can be worse than what you’ve gone through. That other people also go through truly horrific grief cannot detract from what you live with daily xxx

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