Ju – get a Teasmaid ?

Jane’s words of wisdom…

“you can be Captain Von Trapp/The Baroness/all the Von Trapp children……I’ll be Maria”

said to me ,around 1966, when we woke up in the night and couldn’t get back to sleep , so decided to sing.

” how do you cut a tomato for a salad?”

said around 1991 to girls she was interviewing for a job as her personal assistant on The Independent Living Scheme, ( The correct answer is …anyway I ask you to cut it .Wrong answer – ‘like a waterlily’ )

” you can have the crusts”

said to Steph, around 1968, when lying ill(?) in Steph’s bed and Mrs M. bought her up a huge plate of buttered toast ,and Steph , asked for just one small slice.

” they all look like they’ve got a heart condition”

said to me ( in a very loud voice ) as the doors opened ,for the third time,to a packed lift in Libertys.

2 Replies to “Ju – get a Teasmaid ?”

  1. How well I remember the crust story , and the time she came to stay for a couple of nights and was still there a month later , sitting at the kitchen table Mrs M lets go to the sea side and we all went __happy happy days xx

  2. The Sound Of Music featured strongly in Jane’s repertoire as we waited for the RAC having broken down on Hyde Park Corner ( pre traffic light days) in my knackered Fiat on the way to see you in Birmingham and again years later as we drove along the scary roads in southern Portugal after lunch and a few glasses of Mateus Rosé……..happy days indeed.

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