Just another manic Sunday

A usual sort of sunday . Woke up ,thinking 84 long sad weeks without Rosie. Did the soup kitchen with Jacob , which was really happy and enterprising as one of the men brought his electric hair clippers , we found an extension lead and all manner of artistic haircuts were performed , just outside the back door .Tomorrow they are having their annual summer outing to Clacton – my name’s down on the list for next year ! After prepaing dins for 11 as The SOC are coming round , an ITN film crew dropped in to film me in the kitchen ( with Rosie’s collaborative portrait in the background ) talking about a very emotional and passionate subject – research into meningitis. So go tune your skybox’s to 5.30 am ITN news ( the least watched of all the programmes.)- cos i know none of you ‘ll be up to watch it . if you are – what’s wrong – do you need sleeping tablets ??

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  1. whassup. I’M UP. just rolled into the humble abode in newcastle after a textbook megabus journey- couple hours sleep then I’ll cycle to hexham. can’t wait for the next soup kitchen.J

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