Just call me kylie. At long last I’ve ben spinning around

. Rowena the Potter came into work yesterday ,and she got me slamming,centering, ,wetting ,plunging and finally making a pot . Then after work ,Paul the Potter ,got me on the wheel and got me slamming, centering, wetting , plunging ( except he called it different names to Rowena – so now I am very confused ) and making more pots .Rowena’s advice was to make 15 balls, and then one after one – slam,centre, wet and plunge – Paul would only let me do 4 – so I mashed them up and started each one again . I now have 19 unfired cereal bowls , 17 of which have nipples growing out of the bottom of them .Any takers ?

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  1. On my dressing table I have a ring-stand I made when I was at school.It started out as a pot ,but the bit in the middle grew as the sides went down .Scratched on the bottom is LES , as I was in love withe the singer from The Bay City Rollers at the time !

  2. Rach, have you made Dougal yet ? My piece de resistance when I was at school, was pushing wet clay through a kitchen sieve to make the hair to stick onto my 2 thumb pots joined together .The beauty of Dougal was he didn’t have a head ,I just stuck his eyes and mouth on one end !

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