Just heard Jordans gone

Yesrterday Flo and I were driving to Grandmama’s listenining to Stuart Rose on ‘Desert Island discs’. It made me so happy when I heard one of his choices -‘The Test pilot’ featuring Tony Hancock and Kenneth Williams. When I was a little girl ( I know hard to believe ) my Dad or Brother had a few Tony Hancock episodes on vinyl , 45rpm. I LOVED them , but ‘The Test pilot’ was my absolute favourite . I played it over and over and over again – it made me howl – my friend and I used to act it out , we knew it word for word.

There is an irony in hearing it now , probably after 30years. Since Dec 21st I often have difficuilty sleeping…I apolojise to Rosie as I move her to a quiet corner of my brain and try and think of other stuff. Stuff that distracts me , yet doesn’t make me sad or anxious. One of the conversations I have with myself is what would be my Desert Island discs, and ‘The Test pilot’ is always on it. How spooky – and I wear M&S clothes – do you think Stuart and I were seperated at birth – don’t get Grandma started on that one .Yesterday she wanted to know why Simon Caldron was often mentioned on the radio and what exactly is The X Factor. If the whole of ‘The Happiness Garden” Chines Restaurant didn’t know before , they do now !

Jacob and Susie are in Central Turkey , they’ve seen the Whirling Dervishes and played the spoons and danced with some local musicians – talking of The X Factor………………

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