Just home and I should be doing chores , but i wanted to see Rosie’s pictures .

A big thanks

To everyone at work who let me leave early , leaving my devastation behind .

To the man from the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, who stood in the middle of the road , on the hottest day in Southall for forty years , giving out cups of cold strawberry lassi to passing motorists . We had one each

To Andrew and Lin for letting us gatecrash their holiday .

To the kind people at Caerfai campsite who saved a pitch for Emerald , not only with a 180degree sea view , but directly behind A&L’s mobile home ( a la posh- they have ensuite now )

To The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path for being one of the most beautiful and restorative places in the land .

To Darren for choosing great pics ( just next time please photoshop out my flabby arms !)

5 Replies to “Just home and I should be doing chores , but i wanted to see Rosie’s pictures .”

  1. Funnily enough ,no- there was always low cloud .
    But we did see a WHALE – does that top-trump a sunset ??

  2. A whale definitely trumps a sunset.
    Sounds like a lovely time – and that the Pembrokeshire coastal path is one to keep in the back pocket.
    And, nothing wrong with those arms of your Rachel – and what beautiful pics.

  3. A whale? I can believe a very large dolphin! A sunset definitely trumps a whale especially off the Pembrokeshire coast.

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