Just like Mick I saw Stars

On Tuesday evening, my dear friend ,Paula, treated me to a ticket for a Simple Red concert at Kew the Music .

It was a great evening of dancing,singing ,eating ,drinking, people watching and agreeing that Mick Hucknall could do with the next size up shirt etc etc .

The gardens looked beautiful , especially The Hive and Kew Palace – all lit up and twinkly .

After the concert we went our separate ways .Paula on the District Line to Essex and me on the 65 bus to Ealing .

Once on the bus ,I dumped my chair ,brolly, rucksack etc on the storage shelf thingey ( as you get on ,on the right ) and tucked myself into a window seat .At the next stop the rest of the 7,000 audience members got on and the bus was jam packed .A lady got on and said to the guy behind me ,would he mind giving her his seat ,as she has a bad back . He said ‘no ‘ as he also has a bad back . So , being in my gallant ,Prosecco fuelled mood, I got up and said she could have my seat .We squeezed past each other ,she sat down and I stood up pretending to do things on my dementia friendly new smart phone – which I haven’t got a clue how to operate . Gradually the crowd on the bus thinned out ,but I remained standing until I got off . As I passed Mrs Bad Back , she reached out her hand to me and in the brief seconds we held hands,said something like ” bless you dear ,not many would have done that , I will hope and pray for you ”. I said .”thank-you” ,wished her well and got off .

The next day …

I burnt my left arm

Shut my right-hand little finger in the door and it is so bruised the nail has gone black

Did my back in so badly ,I can only walk like Mrs Overall, can’t get out of bed , have had to see an osteopath and have cancelled my day walking and singing over the cliffs of Dover ,to celebrate a friend’s sixtieth .

Read into that what you will

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  1. Oh no Rachel sounds awful! Hope the osteopath can sort you out. How rubbish to have to cancel your plans x

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