Just off to admire Richard’s buds.

Bloody hell we’ve cracked it in the literary circles. To be honest I was pretty impressed when Jacob told me ,Patrick ( i’m going to see Chelsea** in NYC ) reads this stuff , and then ……….I look at the comments under ‘ up with the lark’ and see ALAN BENNETT has made a comment . Admittedly , he’s sugesting I read one of his… but never the less.

We had a poke around the ambulance that is going out to kenya for the Masai , this morning . This was funded through ‘The starfish project’ to which we gave £1,000 from Rosie’s charity . Again , thank-you.

Just off to supper a la Clarkies, enjoy the sunshine.

** Chelsea is a young lady NOT the football team !

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  1. We went back to see the ambulance after you went to Tescos – really difficult to take a picture because everyone was crawling all over it – then 11.00 clock came and they all departed so we took a few snaps of Rosie’s ambulance – the awning and the stretcher and the jack on the other side by then someone had put the bonnet up so that went down again – what a wonderful tribute to her – it looked very special – I hope the kids crawling all over didn’t reduce the price too much! We’ll send the photos over and you might be able to include on the website.

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