just up the M3

After a rather frenetic week ,it was good to go to a mass said for Rosie at Ealing Abbey ,last night. It was peaceful and calm and for thirty minutes I could have Rosie in my head with no distractions .

Unlike Tuesday , when at work ,I had the power to move over 100 people , even though they didn’t want to be moved into the playground ( especially the 3 in the hydro-pool who had to get out ,robe up and stand in the freezing cold for 10minutes while the registers were done) .The reason being , I wasn’t quick enough to stop one of my students running across the room making a beeline for that big red button that says ‘in case of fire PRESS ‘ . For him ,I would like to think , that as an ASD student, that big bold red word was an instruction !

Meanwhile Jacob has jetted off to Vienna ,where he has some work in an exhibition .Check it out on www.mauve-vienna .com.

Today I’m off to Windlesham and then back for the joy that is ‘Four in a Bed’- love it !

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  1. There was another scene yesterday ,where a student climbed up and into my sink and ( happily) wedged herself under the shelf above and then put both the taps on !

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