last day of the year ( in case you didn’t know )

Too much to say – so I won’t .

Suffice it to say we had a lovely time with the Thomsen Browns and did all things Christmassy – winter walks , indoor fireworks, games , more games ,Scrabble ( I know it’s another game- but not easy when English is your second language ) , Karaoked breakfasted up The Shard and watched a horizontal snow blizzard below us , exhibition-ed , sang , danced ,…

Now ,apart from a couple of us , we are struck down with the lurgy. So It’s NYE with a hot totty and ‘Call the Midwife ‘ .

We know how to live the rock and roll lifestyle

Darren , I love the pink …and the way it matches Grandmama’s jumper and that you’ve chosen a picture of us sitting around the table in 2006 ( I think ) .
So special

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