Last night

We are now the owners of a nice brown pure wool mens jumper,2 umbrellas and 2 tupperware boxes- the posh ones with the blue clicky bits . Plus, after coming last in the family- Easter- evening- post- roast- lamb- dinner- game- of- contract , Amy’s team consisting of Stu,laura,Issy and me, emerged victorious in last nights ‘bowl-game’ .Commiserations to Florence,Holly,Ryan,Georgina and Jacob – you didn’t really stand a chance ( although I have to admit Holly’s mimes were the most creative ,impossible to decipher , but creative ) . The Chinese-bring-a dish-banquet and just a couple ( ? ) of bottles of pale ale ,helped the evening along , and no fillings were lost in the eating of the sticky bananas .

3 Replies to “Last night”

  1. Oohhh yeah one of the tupperware boxes is mine! Maybe Flo could give it to Nat if they are seeing each other soon? Great evening, thank you. I’m SHOCKED we didn’t win!!

  2. ooh its possible that the nice wool jumper is mine! is it very holey/orangey? I’ll let you know when im back in ealing to pick it up. Had a great night and felt not so surprisingly worse for wear the next day! xx

  3. It fits that description ,Holly, ..if had been a bit shorter ,it was in fear of finding a new home in Glasgow , but it is hanging on the back of our door opp Rosie’s ‘Shirt’ painting. Meanwhile a red umbrella has been safely re-united with Sally ,and a clicky box with Sarah

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